2021 Member Events

Embracing the Future of Data-Driven Solutions on the Exchange

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13th & 14th July

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13th July - Data & Logistics


Following the last Members' Event, this year we're taking an    in-depth look at the importance of data in logistics.

We're pleased to announce that leading data scientist, Dr Stylianos Kampakis, will be our keynote speaker guiding us through the data highway. 

If you're curious about how data is the future for business growth within transport and logistics, then this is the ideal event for you. 

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14th July Looking Ahead

14th July - Looking Ahead


With so much activity happening on the Exchange and exciting new solutions being launched, it's time for another reunion.

We'll be taking a closer look at how to unlock hidden potential in the Exchange and identify greater efficiencies to help you with your success. 

With demand in freight transportation on the rise, we want to show you how our platform can help you manage customer expectations and take your profitability to new heights.

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