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A Courier’s Christmas

Posted by Gertie on 01-Dec-2009 10:30:00

A Courier’s Christmas List

Sun Dazed

Hi Fellas,

Now that it’s officially December my mind’s started to wander to the thought of Christmas shopping. I’m thinking of hitting the shops on Saturday before it starts to get really busy, after all we all know how hellish it can be to get a car parking spot as Christmas draws nearer. [more]


However, it’s not the parking that’s got me into a panic, but what to buy all my friends in courier jobs. Two years ago when sat-navs came out it was a lot easier to find something that couriers wanted for Christmas. Nowadays I can spend hours in Halfords looking for the perfect gift and still come empty-handed. So this year I thought it was about high-time that I thought of a gift before I left the house.


I spent a while thinking of something appropriate before coming up with the perfect solution.

I’m going to buy my regulars an electric mug that can be heated up by car-power; you simply plug it into your power adapter. One thing that the couriers in my cafe can’t stand is a cold cuppa (or an empty one for that matter) and so the perfect solution seems to be a cup that can be filled up with steaming hot coffee whilst at Gertie’s and still enjoyed just as warm three hours later in a lay-by!


I know that my regulars in courier jobs will be thrilled with this present. But, if only someone could invent something to keep bacon butties warm whilst on the move, then they really would be ecstatic.


Gertie X