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A Man With a Virtual White Van

Posted by Gertie on 04-Dec-2009 10:51:00

A Man With a Virtual White Van

Hi Everyone!

Christmas is definitely on its way now isn’t it? Every second person that comes into the cafe has a Santa hat on and tinsel wrapped around their wing mirrors. As you can imagine, the build up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for people doing self employed courier jobs and we’ve seen some pretty busy and harassed looking couriers passing through the last few days. But once all the last minute Christmas orders have all been delivered, drivers can have a few days to themselves, off the road for once. [more]


However, some genius has come up with a little bit of light relief, lest drivers should miss their vans too much over the Christmas break. The new computer game ‘White Van Man’ has been causing much hilarity at the cafe. We’re even thinking of setting up a league for the regulars with a free fry up for the winner.


The aim of the game is to drive your white van around the track within the allotted time, avoiding the police and the road works. Sounds easy doesn’t it? The confusing thing is, to get to the next level you also have to behave like a truly stereotypical white van man, and take out a certain number of other cars along the way. Funnily enough though, most of the people who’ve had a go have really enjoyed the opportunity to live up to their unfairly dealt out reputation, and just drive with complete abandon for a change.


Pic Aka Kath


The game has been a real hit in the cafe, and people have been writing down the web address right, left and centre. I’ve got brilliant mental images of these drivers getting home from a day filled of self employed courier jobs and sitting straight back down in front of a computer screen to drive for even longer. One of the fellas was even telling us that he’s got his son hooked as well.


It’s such a busy time of year for these guys, driving all over the country to deliver our Christmas presents for us. It’s nice to see that someone is thinking of them and giving them something to do in between their self employed courier jobs.


Isn’t it funny how such a simple game can cause so much amusement? I really am just as bad as all the rest of them though; every chance I get I’m over at the computer waiting for my chance to play. Speaking of which, there’s a bit of a lull in the cafe right now and I’m going to take advantage of it to try and beat my high score.



I’ll let you know who wins the White Man Van fry up!

Don’t forget to check out the game for yourself at