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Born To Run

Posted by Gertie on 05-Sep-2011 19:29:00

Barefoot runner’s feet

Picture by chumley80


Hello dearies,

I’ve been reading about a new innovation that seems to bring together the forthcoming Olympics and the life of the courier. I’m sure it’s a marketing thing rather than a genuine new way of doing things, but it raises some interesting ideas for the courier industry.

[more]A London taxi and courier firm and a sportswear brand have joined forces to launch the UK’s first running-delivery service. The idea is that running is the most environmentally friendly way to deliver parcels and packages around London. Rather than being a commercial undertaking, the initial trial run (excuse the pun) sees around 75 per cent of the fees given to the British Red Cross.

While cycle power has long been used for delivering packages, running is even more environmentally friendly when the materials and manufacturing of a bicycle are taken into consideration.  I feel for those runners though; it must be exhausting, even if you’re used to running the marathon!  I wonder if they use GPS? It doesn’t matter if you make a wrong turn while you’re in a car or on a bike, but it would be really galling to run down a few wrong streets and realise you have to do all the work to get back on the right track!

The companies have gathered a group of 20 top-class athletes to run around the capital. When I first heard about the scheme I was worried about the amount of abuse that might come from it, getting some poor soul to run from one end of the M25 to the other, but the deal is only available for distances of under 2 miles.

Maybe it’ll take off.  It could be a way of dealing with our obesity problems and the environment at the same time.  I hope it doesn’t put customers off my famous bacon butties though! Personally, I don’t know if I fancy it though, it’s been a fair while since I’ve slipped on a pair of running shoes, and I don’t think I have the required courier sense of urgency!

Well, I feel worn out even thinking about it. Take care!

Gertie x