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Keeping it in the Family

Posted by Gertie on 10-Feb-2010 12:15:00

Keeping it in the Family

Hi All.

Hope you’re all keeping busy with your courier jobs! I’ve been super busy myself, what with a few extra shifts and my lovely son and his young family staying with me for a week as well. I’d forgotten how tiring a two year old can be! Still, we have had time for some lovely chats, and it turns out my son is going into the same business – he has decided to give up plumbing and is buying a cafe! It’s kind of nice knowing I will be able to give him all sorts of advice and even though I am not a business owner, what I don’t know about running a cafe would fit on the back of a first-class stamp! So we’ve been busy making lists, looking at paint samples and talking recipes. (I have to say though I think his customers in Maida Vale are going to have slightly different tastes to mine!) [more]


Pic peasap


Anyhow, I’m really proud of him and even though he’s not going to be actually working with me, it somehow feels like we’re in a family business now! It got me thinking about families that work together, and I realised that quite a few of my customers actually had family in the same courier business as them. I decided to ask a few of them who were related how they ended up in the same business doing courier jobs. As luck would have it, in walked one of my regulars Jim. I bribed him with an extra fat muffin and asked him if he would tell me how both he and his brother ended up working for the same firm...


Jim and Frank are twins and, although they have their own vans, weirdly they always seem to turn up at the cafe on the same days within minutes of each other! I think it’s that “twin thing”. Anyhow, their story is great. Apparently a couple of years ago when Jim just started work with the company, he was really sick with the flu. He was nervous about calling in ill because he was so new, so he sent Frank in his place! They are like two peas in a pod and the boss was none the wiser (although there was one sticky moment when the receptionist noticed he signed his despatch forms left-handed). Anyhow, Jim was sick for about a week and by the time he was well enough to return to work, Frank had a taste for it!


Pic MikeBaird


The next Monday, bright and early, the pair of them showed up at the office together. Jim reckons that you could have heard a pin drop when they strode in side-by-side. There was much hilarity with the other drivers and the usual twin jokes flew back and forth. Apparently the boss was a trifle annoyed at first (insurance issues and all that), but once he saw the funny side of it and realised how dedicated Frank had been to help out his brother (and wasn’t even getting paid!), he agreed to take him on as well. It seems it has caused a few funny moments with clients when one or other of them turn up on courier jobs, but now they’re all used to it.


I loved Jim and Frank’s story, it kept me chuckling after Jim left and I was still chuckling 10 minutes later... when Frank walked in! Spooky.....


Til next time

Gertie x