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Reading on the Job

Posted by Gertie on 23-Aug-2010 11:11:00

Hi everyone.


I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately, but the good news is that as a consequence I’ve rediscovered an old love – reading. In the wee small hours I’ve been absolutely powering through some classics that I always wanted to read but never had the time. I’ve just finished The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck; bit of a deep read but he has some brilliant observations on the human psyche.  Anyhow, I was snatching a couple of paragraphs in a slow period the other afternoon and one of my regulars, Andy who does courier jobs, saw the cover and made a comment about it being one of the best travel books he had ever read. Now, I didn’t want to embarrass him, but he obviously had mixed up his literature; so I steered the conversation gently towards books about his favourite subject – couriers and courier jobs of course! I thought they might be pretty few and far between but, once Andy and I starting chatting, a few other customers started to join in – seems there are more than I thought, so I made a list of just a few to share with you all! 


‘The Couriers’, by Brian Wood, are a set of graphic novels which follow the escapades of two trigger-happy guys involved in doing courier jobs for some very seedy characters in New York. Set in the near future, the books are almost like Japanese Manga comics and are definitely aimed at the boys!


‘The Courier’s Tale’, by Peter Walker, is set back in the times of Henry VIII and tells the story of Reginald Pole, cousin to the King, and Michael Throckmorton who became the courier between Oliver Cromwell and Pole. Though not really recognisable amongst the courier jobs of today, it tells an imaginative story of the exciting events of history through the eyes of the unfortunate courier. 


Not to be confused with ‘The Couriers’, above, ‘The Courier’ is not actually a published book. One of my young regulars who calls in for coffee between courier jobs discovered this on Twitter (all a bit high-tech for me so I had to take his word for it!), and you can read daily instalments of it on this blog. I had a quick peek and it’s fascinating. It follows the life of Barry, a frustrated driver who has lost four jobs in the past year, who takes on courier jobs to earn some cash. That’s when his adventures start.... I won’t ruin it for you, have a look!


Now that I’ve found all these great books, I don’t think my insomnia will ever be cured!


Speak soon

Gertie x