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Swift and Shift Courier Jobs Down Under

Posted by Gertie on 18-Aug-2010 10:57:00

Hi folks,


I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in a while, we’ve introduced a new range of hot pasties to the cafe and have been snowed under ever since. It seems that folks have been travelling from all over to get their hands on our delicious baked goods and the kitchen staff have been overwhelmed! Poor lasses, I hope it calms down for them soon! [more]


I almost forgot about all you guys reading my lovely blog, until my sister sent me over a link to this hilarious video. She’s currently living in Australia you see, and while we have the good old British soaps like Emmerdale and Easties on the telly, Down Under they watch soaps on the Internet (at least that’s what Ethel tells me). Anyway, the soap that’s currently doing the rounds is called Shift and Swift and it’s just so funny, especially if you work in courier jobs or know people who do. She sent me over the link and all the episodes are up on YouTube, so you can all get addicted like me!


The soap follows the day-to-day adventures of the worst courier company in Australia (although, trust me, it should be the world, the capers these guys get up to!), and is set in a place called Dubbo. I don’t want to give too much away though as you chaps should really watch it for yourselves. Trust me I love my soaps and it beats both Corrie and Home and Away hands down.


Until next time,


Gertie x