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Courier Work - Insurance Policy Types

Posted by Gertie on 17-Sep-2012 13:03:00

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Hello Dearies,


I am sure that you are wondering how I have come to know all about insurance policies for courier drivers, well let me tell you! In my line of work I have folks from all walks of life drifting in and out of here, you wouldn’t believe how many people I meet selling insurance policies of one type or the other. Just the other day, I heard some courier work drivers discussing what kinds of policies they should have, so I decided to tell them a little bit of what I have heard from my customers. 

Firstly, I told them that when they are carrying goods as part of their trade, they need to be covered for damage, accidents and theft. They really don’t want to suffer a financial loss if any of this stuff happens to them, it could be really costly! You really don’t want to be out of pocket if one day you are hauling a return load of expensive fine chinaware and suddenly your tyre bursts and off you go skidding to a sudden stop along the side of the road. 

Secondly, they will need to have some sort of public liability insurance as part of their courier work that will cover them for when they need to sometimes place their load on public premises such as sidewalks and pathways. Accidents can happen and if someone injured themselves, both parties would be covered by this policy. Well, I hope that all this insurance talk hasn’t bored you too much, take care everyone…


Gertie xxx

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