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Couriers on TV – Oh Dear!

Posted by Gertie on 27-Mar-2012 17:30:00

Most couriers are actually closer to this type of shape

Photo by Chr1s Jacks0n

Hello my darlings!

Today I come to you a little disgruntled. As you know, some of my cafe customers are involved in courier jobs (I think I mentioned that lovey, Barry, in one of these posts a while back?), and of course I do not like to see that job – or any other job – get made fun of! Which is why I was shocked and appalled when I saw how television – particularly American television, as you would expect – has been portraying those poor darlings!

I first noticed this trend a while ago. One of my nephews was watching some comedy programme, and one of the characters was a courier. But this fellow was not at all the composed and handsome sort of man who I know does this type of task – instead, he was jumping all over the place, could barely string a sentence together...dreadful! An insult to hard-working, darling men like Barry!

But that was not even the worst I saw – on this other show one of my friends recommended to me, there is a character labelled an “average Joe”, and who happens to be a courier. But once again, he is portrayed as a fat, dim-witted simpleton, who had to lie to get his job! I wonder what Barry – strapping, toned, well-presented Barry – thinks of the way these TV folk portray his profession! Hmm...maybe I should ask him and let you know on my next post!

For now, however, ta-ta!

Gertie xx

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