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Fake Pets Win Prizes

Posted by Gertie on 10-Aug-2012 14:51:00

Photo by Mosman Council


Hello Dearies,

I like to think I provide a service to my local community, and not just to those on courier jobs. This week I read with some dismay about a scam that involves people buying hard-to-find pure breed dogs for adoption. I can’t say I feel I have the energy these days to take on a pet dog and the associated twice-daily walks, but for those of you in the market for a mutt, you should probably be aware of this little criminal money maker.

The ruse involves the customer finding a pet online, then contacting the owner who for one reason or another would tell them that the pet was free but the buyer would have to cover the cost of the pet courier jobs involved in relocating the animal - usually somewhere in the region of £200. When the pet didn’t arrive the customer was then sent chasing up on non-existent  courier jobs  as they tried to identify where their long-awaited animal was. The answer was, inevitably, nowhere - the pet never existed and the customer’s money was long-gone. This kind of scam is all the more heart-breaking because it targets exactly the sort of people who can’t afford to lose a wedge of cash.

I guess one of the golden rules, as always, is to do as much research as you can. Unless in the very unlikely instance that you are the first person ever to be involved in a scam, then there will be people shouting about it online. It’s unfortunate that this nonsense might seem to involve those working on courier driving jobs, but I want to stress that the scam is to all do with payment – at no point are any real couriers involved.

Don’t get caught out in your pursuit of the perfect pooch – mongrels are much healthier anyway!

Gertie xxx

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