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Horrible Headlines

Posted by Gertie on 11-May-2012 18:43:00

A danger sign hanging from a fence.

Photo by ell brown

Hello my lovelies,

It’s not often I read something that makes my hands start shaking, but I happened to the other day - and even though it’s not the most pleasant read, I thought it was worth sharing. It’s about the unfortunate experience of a courier who encountered a little trouble while going about his courier jobs. I never like reading about the troubles a courier can face when they’re out and about – it always makes me think the odds of something like this are much higher for people travelling around all day. But at least it means I make an extra effort to chat with all my regulars when they stop in from their courier jobs, and make sure they’re well-fed, at least.

It does make me worry. I’m not one to fret about the state of the world and all, and I’m certain some of the horrible headlines you read in the tabloids are exaggerated in order to sell papers – but I am sure these things can and do happen on courier jobs, so please be careful my dearies, alright? I know I would be quite terrified if I ever found myself in that situation, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. The poor driver did manage to get away, and luckily he wasn’t hurt, but it certainly makes you think. I hope no-one stopping in for a bacon butty has any more stories like this for me. Never thought I’d say this, but it’s one type of tale I won’t be eager to hear.

Take care now my darlings.

Gertie xx

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