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Jobseeker Woes

Posted by Gertie on 01-Apr-2012 15:51:00

A fortunate young man...

Photo by NeinLives


Today, something happened that got me thinking about the challenges young people face these days. A young man walked into my cafe and asked if he could post something on the window. Then, he asked me if I happened to know of any courier jobs, as he was currently unemployed. I promised to ask around and let him know, and he left. But even after he was gone, I started to think about the obstacles young people encounter today when they’re looking for a job. As we all know, our economy is far from perfect; but is there any foolproof way for the younger generations to be able to make an honest living?

This particular subject had me so intrigued that I decided to go online and do a little research. It was here that I came across some great news for my young friend: apparently, you can be self-employed as a courier, and it is a profitable line of work! I am sure that pleasant young man will be delighted to hear this, when he happens to come around again and I tell him what I found.

However, while my new friend may have struck lucky because of his chosen career path, spare a thought for all the other poor dears out there, who chose careers in sectors that are not doing so well. And if you happen to have a steady job with good income, remember – it could be you walking in their shoes!

Take care, watch yourselves, and until next time, my darlings!

Gertie xx

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