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Starting Out as a Courier

Posted by Gertie on 10-Sep-2012 12:34:00

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Hello Dearies,


I was thrilled the other day when my sister called me and said that her son is planning to start out as an owner driver this autumn. It’s great to keep the business in the family and I can’t wait to brew up for him. 

But where do these newbies find courier jobs? It’s a very flexible profession and I know many of my customers started by using their car, van or motorcycle to ferry deliveries on a part-time basis. They worked like dogs on weekends and evenings while holding down day jobs. There’s a lot to be said for putting your back into it from the beginning and then easing off when you’re a bit more successful. 

But my nephew has decided to go full time and I had to have a think about what my advice would be. He needs a steady stream of loads and return loads but he hasn’t set up his own network yet. No one knows him out there. 

I would recommend that he start with his local businesses since he can offer them favourable rates for occasional and regular courier jobs. Then he could try local courier firms who are always looking for new workers. There are even registers for national courier firms where he could sign up for possible work. 

I was asking one of my regulars for his ideas and he told me about the newsletter of the Riders and Drivers Associates which is a branch of the Despatch Association. They will keep you up to date with industry related issues and the latest job suggestions. 

So it’s best of luck to all those newcomers out there!


Gertie xxx

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