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The Temptation of the Staycation

Posted by Gertie on 20-Sep-2012 12:25:00

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Hello Dearies,


I hope you’re all enjoying what you’re getting of a summer. I know that with times as they are, a lot of my regulars aren’t managing to fit holidays in, being committed to getting as much courier work done as possible, at least until these financial clouds clear - I can understand the unease. There is enough to worry about when hauling a return load along the highways and byways of Britain, without being concerned that by taking a holiday you might be risking your job! 

I think for this reason it’s even more of a shame that the weather on this island has been so inclement for much of what was supposed to be summer. If we’re all having to work instead of jetting off on holiday, then the least the weather could have done is provide us with some sunshine. That said, at least the weather did the decent thing for most of the Olympics, which was really nice for all of the foreign visitors who came to our fair isle. 

If any of you get the opportunity to take a bit of time off later in the year, autumn can often be really nice, with the colours changing and nature winding down for winter. There are plenty of great websites highlighting the perfect options available. This is one I was reading just this morning. Take a look, and if you haven’t been considering taking a break, it might just inspire you! 

Take care of yourselves, and if you pass by on your way on holiday, pop in!


Gertie xxx

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