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To Post or Not to Post?

Posted by Gertie on 01-Aug-2012 10:25:00

Photo by Paul Wilkinson


Hello Dearies,

Well, it looks like we’re enjoying a typical British summer; I hope ‘enjoying’ isn’t too strong a choice of word. These grey days make it hard to believe that it’s July. It’s becoming a very common theme, but I’m providing sanctuary to plenty of those delivering courier loads while they hide from the heavy downpours.

I suppose, really, this means I should have even more sympathy for my local postman who, while not carting around courier loads, has to be out in all weather come rain or shine. I’m rapidly developing even more respect for him. I guess the repetitive nature of the postie’s role seems more monotonous than the variety offered by courier driving jobs.

I was asking one of my customers about when it’s most appropriate to use the services of a courier and when to use Royal Mail, and he pointed me in the direction of this webpage. It’s quite interesting, if a little obvious. For lighter and smaller things, it’s still hard to beat the post office, but as soon as your item gets above 2kg, then it’s best to start looking for a courier. Loads carried in this way also have the advantage of being delivered more quickly, generally speaking.

Well, that’s enough from me for now; I just thought I’d share the website.

Hope summer comes soon!

Gertie xxx

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