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Where Does a Courier Find his Business?

Posted by Gertie on 13-Sep-2012 11:32:00


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Hello Dearies,


I’m so impressed with my nephew. After getting me a bit worried about his career prospects, he showed me his business plan and I was bowled over. I don’t really understand these things but he tells me that he’s pulled together all this information from industry bodies, local business organisations and the internet of course. He first had to check that there were enough courier jobs in his local area and to make sure that the large firms weren’t in complete control before he could go ahead with his plans. 

Now he’s found work sources in online retail which apparently means delivering loads and return loads for companies that have mail order customers, internet shoppers and sell large items. He also discovered that accountants and solicitors and other important people like that offer courier jobs to carry special documents to their clients. 

On the other end of the scale he plans to approach maintenance companies who might have loads of spare parts and equipment that need to be transported. He’s even leafleted the local hospital and a few GP surgeries to see if there are any jobs going in delivering medical supplies. 

I suggested to him that he try the local airport, since airlines are always losing passengers’ bags which they’re obliged to deliver as soon as they’ve found them again. They must have dozens of courier jobs going. He thought that was a good idea so I feel chuffed! 

If all that fails then he has the option to approach established delivery fleets that need temporary help during their busy times. Apparently this is called subcontracting and he’s not that keen since he wants to work directly with the clients, but in a pinch...


Gertie xxx


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