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Attacks on Courier Loads by Pirates of the Road

Posted by Gertie on 09-Oct-2012 13:25:00

"Pirate" © 2009 Kate Haskell, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license:


Hello my Dearies,


I read of a terrible crime recently in the Daily Mail which you should all be aware of. Gangs are going around slashing holes in lorry curtains, jumping on board and stealing courier loads. These criminals are exceptionally clever: they adapt old refrigerator trucks with a secret side door so that they can assault vehicles without being spotted! 

Pulling up next to trucks in lay-bys or in parking areas, they launch their scary attacks usually while the driver is asleep. Those unlucky enough to wake up can find themselves being assaulted or tied up. 

They’re known as Pirates of the Road, and TruckersWorld is hosting a reporting form so that they can monitor the number of these attacks. If you or your courier loads are affected you should contribute to this survey. 

The cost to the transport industry is huge: not only are valuable courier loads stolen, but the slashed curtains alone cost around £1,000 to replace. The cost to the industry is estimated to be about a billion a year. 

This really isn’t an acceptable state of affairs. Our hardworking couriers have enough danger in their lives with driving risks and other potential accidents without having to worry about being attacked in their own lorries! 

The police are asking the public to report any white, unmarked vehicles with side doors cut into them since there’s no legitimate reason for having these concealed doors. But it can be difficult to spot them since they tend to drive at a low speed in the slow lane. 

Protect our drivers and keep your eyes peeled! 


Gertie xxx