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Road-side Cafes worth Visiting

Posted by Gertie on 17-Oct-2012 17:41:00

"Coffee Cups", © 2006 Kate Haskell, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License:


Hello my Dearies,


After spending a long day transporting courier loads, there's nothing better than stopping off for a satisfying meal and comforting warm brew. If you are far from home and needing a quick bite, you will most likely make a stop at a road-side café for your tasty treat. I doubt that you will find a bacon buttie as good as mine anywhere else, but being somewhat of a connoisseur and quite knowledgeable about such establishments, let me tell about some great places across the country to stop at for a rest and warm meal. 

If you are driving along the A696 and are ahead of schedule with your deliveries, you may want to make a stop at the charming little coffee house that sits alongside this long stretch of road. They have a lovely cosy fireplace which is perfect for warming up during the cold winter months. After you have ensured that your courier loads are secured, you can enjoy a nutritious meal of fresh home grown vegetables and a delightful cup of refreshing tea. 

If you find yourself along Route 46 close to Eversham, there is a delightful little café which is frequented by many delivery workers who regularly drive by whilst transporting their courier loads. There is ample parking for vans and lorries outside, and you’ll be pleased to know that they serve fish and chips all day long. 

If none of these road side cafes take your fancy, don’t forget that if you are nearby you can always make a make a stop and enjoy one of my famous bacon butties 

See you all soon!


Gertie xxx