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Special Devices to Make Your Courier Loads Safe

Posted by Gertie on 12-Oct-2012 21:17:00

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Hello again Dearies,


I don’t know anything about technology [as you all would know!] but one of my regulars was praising a clever new invention that’s going to make loading up your vehicle safer and more efficient – so I thought I would share it with you. 

Over 500 lorries per year roll over, and of those accidents the drivers suffer a 40% mortality rate. This is a very high set of figures and the new device could save your life and maximise your profits. It couldn’t be better. 

Courier loads are often reduced in weight to avoid the costs, time delays and disruptions of re-loading if the vehicle is turned back at the weighbridge. If you’re not able to transport your optimum load you lose money. 

The Load Weight Monitor is a godsend for the courier. Loads can be calculated precisely to be efficient and safe by the device which will tell you how much you can carry depending on the size of your truck. An alarm will sound if you exceed the limit. 

Hearing about accidents from my customers makes me so sad and I’m thrilled that there’s something out there that will reduce the danger drivers face every time they go out. 

The LVM, as the Load Weight Monitor is known, goes on trial soon with a major supermarket chain. My fingers are crossed that this will be a success. 


Gertie xxx