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A Bacon Butty Logo?

Posted by Gertie on 28-Feb-2011 09:08:00

Pic by futureshape.

Hello my dearies,

Cheeky Tom came in yesterday, he’s a courier who’s always doodling on a drawing pad or sketching things with a pencil while he’s in the cafe, and he’d drawn a quick sketch of me while I’d been trundling around the cafe.  I was very flattered and rather impressed – he’s got quite a talent, I think! He told me he’d once been a designer before he was a courier, and he’d worked on drawing catchy logos, and offered to draw a logo for me based on a cup of tea! I told him that one day, when there are hundreds of Gertie’s Cafe’s around the world, I might just need it!


Anyway, there we were chatting about the courier world, when he said it was interesting looking at some of the logos that courier companies choose, and the way they decide to represent their courier business. He pointed me to a wonderful website which talks about logos and designs – and evidently, he is quite a fan. We spent a while looking at all the designs on his laptop over tea, and very interesting it was too! Smile

Did you know there is a hidden arrow in the FedEx logo? In case you didn’t know, it’s an American courier company who just use words as their logo - which makes it strong and simple, according to Tom! However, what was interesting was that they shaped the words to provide a ‘hidden’ arrow for people to notice. I wondered if there could be a hidden message in my logo, but then I thought there’s no sense in the message being hidden – ‘come have a lovely bacon butty,’ that’s my message. And I hope you all know it!

That’s all folks!
Gertie xx