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A Courier’s Tea Party

Posted by Gertie on 24-Feb-2011 10:23:00

Did you know tea can be just as good as a painkiller for couriers? Pic by sleepyneko.

Hello my dearies,

I’m sat with a lovely cuppa, and wondering how many other people enjoy sipping a brew as they browse the internet and write about all the weird and wonderful things they find. I’ve always been one for a nice cup of green tea, though I’m not picky when it comes to my beverages! It works wonders, does a cup of tea – in fact, I’m always a little bit hopeful one or two regulars will stop by and I’ll have enough time to share a cuppa with them while I listen to all the latest courier chat.


Did you know that people have discovered the caffeine in tea can be just as effective as painkillers when it comes to dealing with headaches and pains? I know – it sounds like one of those bits of conventional wisdom everyone should know, but now that it’s been proven, I’ve wasted no time in telling every courier who stops in my cafe with a headache that they should have a nice cuppa and a sit-down to sort it out!

Tea can do wonders for a courier, I think, and now I have the proof. “That Gertie,” as I’m sure they say, “She’s making it all up!” Well, now I’ll have an answer for any cheeky young courier like Rob or Peter wh

en they turn down my lovely tea in favour of their horrible Sprites and Pepsis!
Until next time, my chickadees, here’s to lovely cups of tea.

That’s all folks!

Gertie xx