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Christmas Caution for Drivers

Posted by Gertie on 21-Dec-2011 16:47:00

Picture by pixajen

Hello my dearies,

I know things can get very hectic around this time of year – I’ve been bustling about, doing my Christmas shopping and trying to find a present for everyone. I’ve left it a little late, I think, but luckily I know a courier or two who might just be able to get a present delivered in a jiffy! Anyway, my point was that with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it’s easy to let things slide, and not to take as much care as you might otherwise do because everything is so rushed.

I read this story about a courier who left his keys and his dog inside his delivery van while he went off – and then lost all three. It’s a terrible story, so I hope all my couriers out there remember to lock their doors with such desperate people about. I mean, who would steal a man’s dog? That just seems low to me, no matter what your motive for a life of crime was. Surely you’d notice a dog in the van you were stealing, and would give the poor thing a shove out the door before zooming off in your stolen booty! The story says the driver is utterly distraught, and I can well imagine he would be. Imagine losing your livelihood and your beloved pet in one fell swoop.
I can only hope all my courier friends are taking extra care at Christmas. Please remember to lock your doors when you’re rushing in for that delicious turkey dinner, okay? And keep your best friends close.

Keep smiling, my dears!
Gertie x