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Clothes Shopping Online

Posted by Gertie on 09-Oct-2011 16:33:00

Picture by Thing Three

Hello my dears,

I don’t do much of my shopping online, so it’s sometimes a surprise to me when I lean about all the things you can do over the Internet. I mean, I’m of a generation where walking down to the shops and trying on clothes before you bought them was a treat! Well, I can’t imagine shopping for clothes any other way! The same goes for my fruit and veg, I mean, would you trust someone else to pick them out for you? What if they’re all bruised or something? See, I do know a lot of people have things like this ordered online, and its good news for the courier taking it to the destination, but I’m not sure I’d go for it myself.


Take this one, for example – this article talks about online shopping for clothes, and how it’s rising in the run-up to Christmas, but I just don’t know. I mean, who is there to make sure you’ve got the right shirt delivered, for instance? I know it wouldn’t be the fault of the courier, they just make sure their deliveries get from place to place safely, but I’d be worried the right one couldn’t be brought out to me in time. After all, there are only so many couriers to go around, especially if times are busy! That’s one thing I’ve learned listening to the courier talk in my little cafe!
So, there it is, everyone – you can laugh at poor, silly old Gertie if you must, but I think I’ll be going down the shops as usual the next time I need a new cardie!
Take care, my dearies,

Gertie x