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Couriers - Look Out For Each Other

Posted by Gertie on 05-Sep-2011 19:27:00

Hello dearies,

Working away here I often forget about the dangers that exist in the other work places, away from spitting fat and sharp knives!  My courier customers worry me a little with the amount of time they spend out on the road, but although they are subject to strict driving regulations, there are so many more dangers that still exist in this golden age of health and safety.

I read a particular story last week that made my blood run cold. According to an article I read the other day, a man working for a courier company as a warehouse porter was crushed between a lorry and a wall. In one of those terrible accidents that could have been avoided, he was waiting for the lorry to reverse so that he could unload it. Putting his head around the back of the trailer to shout instructions to the driver, the trailer reversed further and crushed his head against the wall bay.

It’s a terrible tale; the man suffered severe head injuries and needed constant care for several months. I only bring this up because of the need for us to look out for each other, and make sure that we’re safe, whether in the burger and tea industry, or in the courier industry.

Having investigated, the Health and Safety Executive found that the company had failed to manage the risk that arose from vehicle movements. The courier company pleaded guilty and was fined £150,000 with £19,000 worth of costs.

One of the things that really struck me about the article was the statistic that 17 people were killed in 2010 by being hit by vehicle while at work. I guess spread between 60 million of us that’s a tiny number, but it really makes you think.  I don’t want to bring anyone down, but I guess all I’m saying is take care, and look out for each other.

Well, that’s it for now, look after yourselves!

Gertie x