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From Courier to Couture

Posted by Gertie on 07-Jun-2012 10:44:00

Fashion Show

Photo by SebastianDooris

Hello Dearies,

I hope you’re all well out there. I’ve been doing what I can to keep the spirits high around here, but it’s not always easy when we’re enduring the wettest April and May in memory. Many of my courier customers have been finding a little shelter from the storm in here with me. I’ve kept them well fed with bacon butties and words of support – to be honest, I’m quite happy to have people to talk to, especially when the word biblical doesn’t begin to describe the deluge outside!

I had a couple of couriers in here last week who were looking particularly down in the mouth. I tried sharing with them a story I had recently read while online about a former courier who has gone on to be one of the top fashion designers in India. I thought it might inspire them if they wanted a change in career – at least the chance to swan off to some of the nice hot and dry fashion capitals, but there were no takers. I guess a few of my courier customers are a little rough around the edges to go breaking out the needle and thread.  But who knows? Maybe I’ll have encouraged them to tap into some hidden talent!

Keep an open mind folks, you never know where life will take you!

Gertie xxx