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Happiness and Ice Cream

Posted by Gertie on 26-Apr-2012 20:15:00

A beautiful ice cream cone with a rustic background.

Photo by James Bowe

Hello my dears,
You know, there comes a time when you get out of bed in the morning, your feet hit the floor, and you feel just a little ache... and you realise you’re getting old. It’s not the happiest feeling, but the more I thought about it while brushing my teeth, the more I felt it gave me a certain sense of contentment. I’ve always been one for family, and looking after my little neighbourhood, and I still can’t wait to get into the cafe in the morning and open up for a chat with a courier passing through. I think having a love for your life and what you do in your life is far better than any of these snake-oil miracle creams they show on the telly. So I was quite pleased to come across this article while I was doing my reading. It’s about an ice-cream man who’s celebrated his 90th birthday – and is still hard at work doing what he loves to do.

It’s a bit of an inspirational article, I thought, and one that I’m still remembering later on, long after reading it. I suppose that’s the real way to get where you want to be in life – just to find something that is fulfilling, and then make sure you have the chance to get there. I know many a courier who strolls into the cafe has that same look of contentment talking about their jobs and their lives. I know life has its challenges and ups-and-downs, but as long as we keep on going, we’re in the race - to borrow a phrase from my friend Bill!

Right, I’m off to cook up some bacon buttys for the next courier... wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Enjoy your day, dearies!
Gertie xxx