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Hard Work!

Posted by Gertie on 13-Dec-2011 14:14:00

Picture by DaveBleasdale

Hello my dears,

I feel like I’ve been doing this job for a long time, but other than the odd spit of fat or heavy pot, it’s not a particularly strenuous job. It could always be quite different, I guess. Some of my regulars were discussing the National Courier Awards – there was an article in one of their magazines – and one of the winners had been in his job for 17 years, not far off me!

While it’s not so extraordinary in itself, Barry Warner, winner of the ‘Two wheel’ category, has clocked up just under two decades’ worth of cycling an average of 75 miles a day!  Well, I’ll take the fat spits over cycling 375 miles a week!  Almost all of the couriers that I see in here work from a van, for obvious practical reasons, but I think one or two of them could do with getting on a bike like Barry.   Don’t get me wrong, the chaps (and increasingly, ladies) need to be in pretty good shape to do the courier work they do, but my irresistible bacon butties are a force too strong for one or two of them!

I guess as much as anything I’m impressed by the longevity of Barry’s career as a courier covering so much ground every day, I hope his knees have survived it all, because he’ll probably be fit enough to really enjoy his retirement, as long as he doesn’t mind not being on the road so much!
Anyway, just the thought of covering 75 miles a day wears me out!

All the best!

Gertie x