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Keeping the Village Traditions

Posted by Gertie on 06-Mar-2012 11:22:00

A quaint English village post office!

Photo by Steve Parker


Hello Darlings!

I'm in a good mood today. Could barely stop myself doing a little dance round the kitchen as I was bringing out the bacon butties for a courier or two who were waiting! I was telling them about something one of my friends told me - she has a nephew up in Durham who told me all about this tradition that Sedgefield has of a rather unusual ball game. I was also pleased as punch when I found the news story, and saw that a driver had won the game - hurrah, I say! It may sound silly to the youngsters coming through the cafe these days, but I'm a strong supporter of all these little local traditions, festivities and celebrations that you see tucked away here and there. My days as a spring chicken might be a little way back down the road, but I do remember the lovely days of sunny village fetes and festivals. Well done, Mrs Iceton!

Now if only those cheeky couriers would stop teasing me that I should be the one to kick off the games next year!

Call me a softie, but I've always thought there's a place for old traditions and celebrations in life, no matter how often a courier in the cafe tells me I need to get with the times! They're all so busy whizzing about from village to village and city to city with their GPS devices and their computerised planners and whatnot, they never get to slow down and catch all these fascinating little slices of British history! I'll just have to keep on letting the drivers know when I find them. And, after all, if a courier could win the Sedgefield football game, then maybe I'm not giving my regulars enough credit!

Well, enough lazing about. Back to work! Grumble grumble...

Gertie x