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Search for your Owner Driver Jobs at Wireless Gertie’s!

Posted by Gertie on 23-Mar-2011 10:29:00


Hello guys,

Hope you are all okay!

I am pleased to announced that my little cafe has now joined the ranks of the trendy ‘internet cafe’ world and I am now WIRELESS! All my lovely regulars and drivers can now get a side helping of free internet to keep them busy while eating their burgers and drinking their coffees! They can watch the YouTube channel or search for owner driver jobs, or just catch up with their families on Skype!  It is a brilliant new addition to the cafe and everyone is incredibly excited about it!


We had a launch party over the weekend, and we gave free coffee to anyone who bought food or a snack.  There were party hats, streamers and a large sign that my nephew, who is four, created for the occasion using magic markers and a rather large amount of green glitter he had left over from making Christmas cards last year!

And now I am officially announcing it online – so now you all know, make sure you pop in to use our new and exciting wireless internet while sipping a cup of my best coffee!  It is perfect for all you self employed drivers: you can bring in your laptop while you are on the road, and you can see what other owner driver jobs are out there, so you can line up your next employer while still on a job!! Perfect! Or for those of you on a long-haul trip, it can keep you in contact with your family, and you can download and use Skype to video call them (much better than a normal voice call!).

Anyway come in and see me soon!


Gertie xx