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Take Care Out There!

Posted by Gertie on 21-Jun-2011 10:10:00

Pic by pigsonthewinguk.

Hello dearies,

I don’t get to see much of the world from behind the counter of my cafe, so I’m usually always grateful for the stories that my courier driver friends bring me. It always seems a little more personal than just sitting down to watch the news on telly or opening up a newspaper. I like hearing stories from people I know, whether it’s their take on big events or even just the little places they find that are great to eat at while they make their deliveries (and yes, I have had one or two snack ideas from a courier driver story).


However, there are times when I’ve found I rather don’t want to hear a particular story, and this is one of them. I didn’t hear this story firsthand, I hasten to say, but found it while browsing on the internet – but it immediately brought to mind all the stories I hear my friends tell about their daily lives, and it made me a little worried. Apparently, a courier driver was attacked while waiting in the cab of his van, dealing with paperwork for one of his deliveries. I won’t recount the whole story, I shudder just thinking about it, but you can read all about the events here.

It really does make me worry that sometime I’ll be hearing a similar story about a courier driver I know, and that will be an awful, awful day. It just makes me sad that this sort of thing can happen, and (although I don’t want to go around scaremongering) I am making sure to remind my courier driver friends to keep themselves safe when they’re out and about. It’s all I can do, and I hope it’ll be enough. With the good work they’re doing, someone has to remind them to wrap up warmly and eat well, after all! I suppose I’m more of a mother hen than even I thought at first.

Lots of love, all – and please be safe!

Gertie x