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Tempting Rates For Courier Driving

Posted by Gertie on 13-Dec-2011 15:20:00

Picture by David Crawshaw.

Hello my dearies,

I can’t say that I’m really getting tempted by this courier driving malarkey, but I was discussing rates with some of my regulars, and there certainly seems to be a good amount of money in carting goods across the country. I’m not sure how accurate the site I was looking at is, but the rates for taking a van across the country almost make me think it’s worth hanging up my apron and joining the courier ranks:

For example; a delivery from London to Bristol could net you £165. That’s not a long journey, even in my old car. More centrally in the UK, a trip from Birmingham to Plymouth, or a journey from Edinburgh to Liverpool can earn somewhere in the £300 region. Not too shabby for some courier work!  These rates are, I’m sure very optimistic, but I’m telling my customers to make the most of return loads to maximise their profits!

Not, of course, that my regulars need any tips from me on the courier business, but it seems to go a really long way if I can talk to them about their job. It’s great for me to be able to understand the pressures and problems, as well as the opportunities. Above all, I want them all to succeed so they can continue to invest in my bacon butties!

Anyhow, look after yourselves, see you next time.

Gertie x