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The Dangers of Being a Bicycle Courier

Posted by Gertie on 02-Feb-2012 16:25:00

Photo by movingtargetzine

Hello Dearies,

I always suspected it was dangerous business being a bicycle courier, but I was alarmed when I came across these scary statistics. I was skimming through a magazine in between serving my customers when I read that one cyclist is killed every two and a half days on Britain’s roads (that’s 146 people every year!).  Can you believe it? They say six cyclists are seriously injured every day, sustaining injuries that range from broken bones to brain injuries, or even paralysis! Goodness me!
Now I don’t know how true this is, but I hear that bicycle couriers don’t get paid very much either. If it is so, then it is a shame, because they are so important, especially in congested areas where courier vehicles can get stuck in traffic for ages. And believe me being held up in traffic for 30 minutes can seem like hours when important packages need to be delivered on time!

These bicycle couriers are the ones who must navigate the hazardous roads and obstacles in our cities to get the time sensitive stuff delivered safely, and schedule. Their own personal obstacle course has cars, other bicycles, pedestrians, dogs, bad weather and debris to contend with. And that’s not even to mention all those hideous exhaust fumes these poor bike couriers have to breathe in on a daily basis.

I imagine there are fewer bicycle couriers nowadays with advancements in technology, and more motorcycle couriers. But there’s still a niche for them, and I hope more people appreciate the efforts they make to get our packages delivered on time.

Bye for now and cycle safe!
Gertie xxx