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Tough Times for Couriers?

Posted by Gertie on 30-Oct-2011 15:19:00

Picture by addedentry.

Hello my dearies,

I’ve been browsing on the internet recently, just trying to keep myself from being too idle. Things have been a bit quiet at the cafe recently, you see, and so I have a little bit more time on my hands to potter around and keep things tidy. However, I came across a piece of news that made me a little concerned, although I must say I don’t seem to have any less of a ‘courier’ – filled atmosphere to my little cafe just yet – I see all my regulars at least a few times a week!


This news article says that couriers are struggling to make ends meet, and it does sound like some of the talk I hear now and again when folks drop in for their coffee and a bacon butty. The article talks about how courier drivers sometimes have difficulty earning a living wage, and it does make me feel a bit sad for them. It’s terrible, reading some of the detail in the article. Now, after I saw the article I talked to quite a few of the courier faces I know who pass through here. But you know what?  When it came down to it, they all seem pretty happy! The general consensus was that the positives of their job far outweighed the negatives, and that if you’re a hard worker and you do right by the boss and the customer – you’ll do ok. Seems not many of them agreed with the article, in fact – and I’m glad of that! They’re a happy bunch and there is always plenty of smiles on offer. I’m looking forward to plenty more in the future.
For my part, all I can do is keep offering my hospitality and a nice cuppa to any courier who comes through my cafe doors! I think they deserve it, after all. Bacon butty, anyone? Ha ha!

Keep your chins up, my dearies.

Gertie x