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Caught on Camera

Posted by Gertie on 24-Aug-2010 15:19:00

Hi all.


Now usually I love it when some of my regulars come in the cafe chatting away. But this time, it was Tony and Sally, and as I joined in their conversation, I realised that they were talking about what might happen as more speed cameras are switched off. Sally had been reading online about it happening in Manchester, where she’d visited not long ago on one of her jobs. Now, I love a good natter about anything and everything related to the road, and also to my lovely folks out there on all their courier jobs, but sometimes I’m just not sure what to say! [more]


I can see both sides of this one, which is what I said to Tony and Sally. He thought that drivers would still slow down for them and keep the roads safe, and it would save money (which is on everyone’s mind, I think!). But Sally was dead against it, saying it had been proven that they’d reduced the number of accidents, and people wouldn’t be discouraged from speeding if they knew some cameras would be off. Me, I wasn’t sure which one to agree with. Both Tony and Sally I know are careful drivers, especially when out on their courier jobs, and I think that’ll be the only solution. People will just have to take more care and pay attention for themselves. After all, no-one wants to have an accident, do they?


Photo by amandabhslater.


Anyway, I had a little time after they’d finished and left to think it over, but I still haven’t made up my mind (my regulars will tell you that’s hard to believe!). I decided to spend a little time looking online, and found this bit of news about Manchester’s cameras. While I might be a bit of a worrywart about my regulars, I know they’ll all still be careful drivers. It doesn’t pay for anyone to have an accident in the middle of a courier job, after all.


Speak soon

Gertie x