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Companions for Couriers

Posted by Gertie on 10-Mar-2010 10:22:00

Hiya folks,

How is everyone? I have to say I’m tired this week! I’ve been doing the graveyard shift for a few nights on the trot and I’m looking forward to getting into bed at a reasonable time tomorrow night. It can get awfully quiet here in the evenings, and even a little lonely, and whilst I was sitting on my tod last night, I got to thinking; don’t people doing courier work need companions on the road? [more]

I remember a few weeks back, a guy came in with his dog. At first we tried to tell him that dogs weren’t allowed in, but the mutt pulled such a soppy face that it wasn’t long before we’d gotten him a bowl of water and a few little treats. The owner was telling us that he’d taken his dog with him on every courier job he’d done for the past six years. They’d been on a lot of journeys together, though I think the dog might have been more interested in the various diner stops than the courier work!

Photo by SarahMayScott

It reminded me of another fella that used to come in years back but we haven’t been in for awhile. He used to tell us he could only be in his own company for so long so he always took a friend along for the ride when he was doing courier work. Only it wasn’t the type of friend that you’d expect. He’d walk into the diner with a little pink parakeet on his shoulder, just like a pirate. The bird must have enjoyed the trips though, as he never once flew away!

Photo by Jan Tik

Now I’m thinking maybe it’s time we got ourselves a mascot for the diner so that no-one’s ever left with the long evening shift by themselves. A little kitten or a puppy running round would be great. I suppose health and safety might have something to say about it though.... Perhaps the animals should stick to courier work for now!

Well, my bed’s calling me now,

See you all soon!