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Life on the Road... Literally.

Posted by Gertie on 22-Apr-2010 12:48:00

Hi all,

How are things? Did you read the paper this morning? If you did you might already have read this story but I saw it and thought it was so much fun that I just had to share it with you! People doing courier jobs often see animals on the road, but unfortunately, more often than not they’re animals that have come a cropper after picking a fight with a car much bigger than themselves. But not this fella!
One man who was driving along the motorway and minding his own business as he went about his daily courier jobs got a little too close for comfort to a marmoset, only to look in his rear view mirror to see the little chap pop straight back up again! Any ideas how he managed it?

I’ll tell you. This yellow-bellied marmot, which is a slightly larger than average breed of squirrel, has set up home inside a pot hole on the motorway. The pothole is said to be quite deep, and turns into a tunnel which goes all the way to the roadside so the little guy can come and go as he pleases. It seems he pops his head out of the pothole to watch the world go by, and as soon as a car approaches he just ducks down until danger has passed.

I’ve gotta say, if I was doing courier jobs, this little chap would brighten up my day! Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘life on the road’ doesn’t it?

Photo by Madpai

Right, I’m off to see if they’ll let me get a marmot for the cafe!

Speak soon