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Roadside Cafes and Fry Ups in the UK

Posted by Gertie on 23-Oct-2009 03:12:00


Hi Fellas!

The food at our cafe always goes down a treat with the courier workers, especially our fantastic bacon butties with crispy bacon, lashings of butter and smatterings of ketchup. It’s making my stomach grumble just thinking about it and I’m not the only one who loves them so much, only the other day Mick, who’s got a very important courier job in Yorkshire was saying to me “Oh Gertie, I don’t know what I’m going to do without your bacon butties while I’m up north”. I laughed at him and told him not to worry as even though our bacon butties are unbeatable, I know there are some great places to stop at in the UK. I spent a few years on the road as a driver’s mate and so I have my old favourites, and then of course there are the modern ones that the young courier workers keep gossiping about.[more]


Courier workers in the city should definitely check out the Ace Cafe, this diner has been around since I was a young girl and back in the day it was the place for all the rockers and motorcyclists to hang out. I was devastated when it closed as it was a large part of my life and where I believe I first got my love of lorries and truckers. The cafe re-opened in 2001 and, though it was no longer open 24 hours, it was great to have one of my old stomping grounds back. Ace Cafe even hosts themed nights throughout the year, which are great if you’re planning to be in London. The end of this month sees the Harley Davidson of the year competition and a fantastic Halloween party. Then of course, there’s the food. The food is great huge portions, fantastic fry-ups and the nachos are amazing.



Poor old Mick didn’t have a clue about where to stop on his trip to Yorkshire and, as he was passing through the A59 I had a rather bizarre recommendation for him. Mick, I said, why not try the Millstones and Mill 67 Bistro. This strange cafe is situated next to an old spy-base, which does tend to give one the heebie-jeebies. However, it also does some fantastic sandwiches, there’s potted and smoked salmon and an amazing beefsteak dish. Strangely enough the place is popular with old folks and many of the homes run bus outings to the bistro, having an early morning coffee while listening to old chaps singing World War Two hits is a strange concept but it certainly piqued Mick’s interest and he’s planning on making the trip next month.


Oh dear, I can see myself getting a little carried away here! Southerners or those on courier jobs in the Westcountry should make the trip to 5J’s Cafe in Lodmoor Country Park, Weymouth. Although Dorset is full of quaint little tea-rooms which are great for enjoying a clotted cream tea, no one nearby quite does a fry-up as well as 5Js. In fact, this greasy spoon cafe is one of the contenders for The Sun’s Fry-Up of the Year competition. The fry-ups are fantastic and you must make sure you order the fried bread and black pudding. The fried bread is so crispy and delicious that it’s making me hungry just thinking about it! Well I hope you like some of my ideas and if you have courier work in any of these three destinations then make sure you check them out. Let them know that Gertie send you and who knows you may get an extra large portion!

Drive Safe,