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The View from the Office

Posted by Gertie on 28-Feb-2010 15:15:00

The View From the Office
Hi folks,

I overheard a conversation in the cafe the other day that really made me think. A couple of fellas were talking about the jobs they’d done in the past, compared to the owner courier driver jobs they were doing now. They were bandying about all sorts of pros and cons, but the one comment that really stuck in my mind was that the view from the office had greatly improved since they’d moved out of stuffy office buildings and into a van. [more]

I’ve often heard drivers comment on the scenery they get to see on the roads. From beautiful countryside, to bizarre sights to freak weather conditions, it seems there’s always something to see. So we decided at the cafe, to start a wall of fame called ‘the view from the office.’ Basically, the idea is that every time someone drives past something that makes an impression on them, they take a snap, bring it in, and we’ll add it to the wall. If they can think of a good caption to go with it, then so much the better. There have only been a few contributions so far but I think before long we’ll be looking just like an art gallery!

Here are just a few examples of things people have seen out on their travels doing owner courier driver jobs:

Best Seats in the House – two lakeside benches after a heavy rainfall

Photo by Suburbanbloke

Heading Home – sunset after a long day’s driving

Photo by IngOrr

Hope these fellas felt sheepish for holding me up...

Photo by TigerTwo

As you can see, it really can be a photo of anything, so long as you’ve seen it from your van. I have to admit, the view from my office very rarely changes so I’m really enjoying having a good laugh at all the photos coming in. Hopefully the wall of fame will keep on growing as people doing owner courier driver jobs all over the country decide they want to contribute!

Go on, send us in a photo!

See you all soon,