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Where Am I?

Posted by Gertie on 18-Mar-2010 15:36:00

Hi folks,

With all the talk about potholes we’ve seen in the papers recently, we decided to have a little look online to see what the people doing courier jobs had to say on the matter. However, we got a little distracted when we found this game, ‘Where am I?’

The point of this game is for drivers to take photos of landmarks they pass on their various courier jobs and put them up where other people can see them and guess where the photo was taken. This works better if you can take the photo from a slightly less traditional angle, as you’d be surprised how quickly people can recognise places from just a photograph.
Anyway to cut a long story short, we thought this would be a great way to fill one of the empty walls at the diner, so we’ve invited our customers to start bringing in photos of places they visit on their courier jobs. For twenty pence (which goes straight into a charity fund), customers can guess the location of all the photos on the wall. The person who guesses the location of a photo first gets a free cuppa and a cake on us. We haven’t got that many entries just yet but once word spreads hopefully they’ll start flooding in.

Take a quick look at the ones we’ve got so far and see how many of these you can recognise?

Photo by RBRWR

Photo by Treehouse1977

Photo by Terry Wha

Did you recognise any of them? The first one is Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, the second, an unusual looking exit coming off the M27 motorway, and the third is the remains of an old railway line in Southward. I have to put my hands up and say I didn’t get any of them, but then I’m not driving around the countryside doing courier jobs all day. If you did get them, you should make sure you stop by the diner to look at some more – you might just win that cuppa and cake.

That’s all for now folks,

Take Care