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Easter’s On Its Way!

Posted by Gertie on 21-Apr-2011 15:13:00

Pic by RichardBH

Hello dears,

It’s that time again - when the sun peeps out from behind the clouds and all the tiny hanging eggs begin dangling from the rear-view mirrors of every owner driver that pulls up to my little cafe! Easter is firmly upon us, and I have to confess – my cupboards at home are overflowing with goodies for the grandchildren...and the neighbours’ kids...and my friends...oh, and me!


I remember when I was a little girl, and we’d paint fresh chicken eggs bright colours, and give them to all our school friends; but I’ll admit I prefer to buy a chocolate egg these days – there is such a variety and I especially love the ones filled with little jellies (just in case you wanted to know!). I sometimes do stop to wonder if we have lost the true spirit of Easter amongst the chocolate, caramel and marshmallow...but then I catch a whiff of those yummy eggs, and a glimpse of the pretty wrapping, and I’m afraid I am lost!

Most of the drivers passing through on their owner driver jobs have remarked they need to get some Easter eggs in – I wonder if I should start selling them myself to make a little extra on the side – or better still, make some myself!

Perhaps I’ll have to hold an Easter egg hunt for any young visitors – now that sounds like a lot of fun! I used to love those games when I was a child – remember egg tapping, where you’d hit chicken eggs together, and the last one intact was the winner? I used to have some messy hands after that game. Maybe I’ll see if that catches on for an owner driver or two. But then again, it would be me doing the cleaning up! Forget it! I have enough to do...and speaking of which – I’d better do it!

Have some Easter chocolate for me, dearies.

Gertie x