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Never Let Me Spoil The Ending!

Posted by Gertie on 26-Mar-2011 12:25:00

by stan

Hello dearies,

I had a wonderful treat a few nights ago. I went to the cinema and saw a film called Never Let Me Go. I don’t know if you’ll have heard, but it was based on a best-selling book of the same name, and I’m sure you all know about my fondness for settling down with a good book in the evenings. I first read Never Let Me Go a few years ago, and I thought it was a very thoughtful tale. It tells the story of three children growing up in a posh boarding school, but as the novel progresses, it soon becomes apparent they’re being educated for a somewhat strange purpose...

[more] this point, I’d better warn you all to look away as I’ll spoil the book and film for you if you keep reading! I think I’ve spoiled it for a few people passing through the cafe on their owner driver jobs, anyway.

It becomes apparent the children are clones, and that their only purpose in life is to donate their organs to regular people when needed. The characters in the book soon begin to question whether there’s more to life than their purpose, to ‘complete’ themselves by donating.

The film version was still very poignant and sad, and I think the actors did a fantastic job bringing all the characters to life. However, I know that it’s easier to present thoughts in the written form than on the screen, so I don’t think a film could give you a reel peek into the character’s minds like the wonderful book does.

One of my newer regulars, Fabian, stopped in on one of his owner driver jobs, and he mentioned he’d just seen the film. When I asked him what he thought, he said it was boring, and that he’d had to struggle to stay awake. “The film should have been called ‘Never Let Me STAY AWAKE’”, he said. Just goes to show that differences make the world go around hey? I wonder if he’ll ever have to deliver any organs on his owner driver jobs... oo-er, that’s a bit of a strange thought! Perhaps I’d better go relax with a good book...

See you all soon!

Gertie x