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How Do You Measure Up? Dealing with Online Customer Reviews

Posted by on 29-Aug-2018 14:53:26

The art of customer service is one that must follow current trends and evolve to the methods of popular opinion. Although you may steadfastly believe that all unhappy clients deserve to have their concerns dealt with face-to-face your refusal to engage online will lead to immediate negative assumptions and your honourable intentions will mean nothing. So, in the words of the estimable Winston Churchill, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” (Perhaps not a direct quote per se, or is it, hmmmmm?).

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The Importance of Mapping Data to Achieve First-Time Delivery

Posted by on 23-Aug-2018 10:23:50

Did you know that the last mile of a delivery route represents 50% of the total delivery cost of a parcel? Essentially, unless your drivers deliver a package on the first attempt, your profit margins will be minimal. Don’t lose out, use delivery software to achieve a high first-time delivery rate.

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