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A Courier-Licious Film

Posted by Gertie on 21-Feb-2011 11:55:00

By david_shankbone

Hello flowers,

I was so excited the other day when I realised that one of my favourite actors (the lovely Mickey Rourke- who was sensational in The Wrestler!) was in a film called...The Courier! Hee hee!

The Courier is about - you guessed it – an international courier whose has a talent for delivering things to people who cannot be reached by ordinary means, or maybe people who don’t want to be able to be found.  He is hired to deliver a briefcase to an elusive crime boss and regrettably finds himself chased by corrupt cops and scary underworld figures.


Sounds very exciting if you ask me – and we are all a little excited in the cafe that there is a movie called The Courier – it certainly got all my regular drivers in a bit of a flap when we were discussing it in the cafe yesterday.  I hope they don’t all end up thinking they are the James Bonds and Jason Bournes of the courier world – I don’t stock enough vermouth for that!

On additional note, another of my favourites, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also stars in the movie (I loved PS I Love you, cried all the way through it!), so I will definitely be making my husband take me when it comes out.

Watch out for it and think of me and my regulars in the cafe!

Couriers rock!

Gertie xx