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A Courier’s Soundtrack– Rock or Classical?

Posted by Gertie on 27-Sep-2010 13:14:00

Pic by Sérgio Savaman Savarese

Hello lovelies,

There has been a great debate raging in the cafe this morning.  It all started when a regular customer, a courier, drove his van into the car park at a bit of a speed.  Another courier noted that it probably had something to do with the very fast music he was playing.  He sounded very knowledgeable about it, so I asked him what he meant. Turns out, he had read about a report a few years back, about how the type of music you listen to can affect your driving behaviour.  I thought there might be something in it, because that one time I drove over the speed limit, by accident I hasten to add, I was listening to a bit of Elvis rather than my usual Perry Como.  But, it seemed not everyone shared his view, and we had ourselves a little discussion on what you should listen to for the optimum driving experience. 


On one side, boasting the odd courier and haulage driver, we had those that believed a calming lulling song will keep you steady and peaceful and you will drive in a safe and reasonable manner.  They preferred classical and easy listening tunes.  On the other side of the fence, also with their own fair share of couriers and the like, were the people who believed that listening to soft music would send a driver to sleep.  They say, in order to stay awake and keep your eyes and attention on the road, you have to listen to heavy rock and energetic tunes that keep you alert.

It is hard to say which side is right, as they do both sound like they have valid points.  The original courier, who spoke up, did have a few facts about studies done in Israel about the faster the music the faster people drive, therefore, the more accidents you are likely to cause. Yet it would cause just as much trouble if someone falls asleep at the wheel, while listening to Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 3!

All I can say is, whatever you are listening to, take care on the roads!
Bye for now