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A Very Colourful Courier

Posted by Gertie on 16-Sep-2010 12:03:00

Image by Viernest

Hello my lovelies,


I’ve had quite a bit of an education since we last spoke and I’ve learnt all sorts of things about decorating trucks! It all started last weekend when I went to visit my friend Mary - her husband’s a courier and he recently bought himself a new van as his old one was written off in accident. Graham, that’s Mary’s husband, wanted to scrap the old van, but his son Tyler said that he’d quite like to ‘pimp it up’. Now I had no idea what ‘pimping it up’ meant and I must have looked quite shocked because Graham went and got a DVD of a TV show out called “Pimp My Ride”.  We all sat and watched it together while nibbling on Mary’s delicious shortbread tails.


The programme was American and showed a man turning someone’s old automobile into a garish modern affair with seatback TVs and a strange device called a subwoofer. Now these new vans were a bit loud and modern for me, but Tyler really enjoys the show and as a result Graham said that he could ‘pimp out’ the old van if he wanted. I’ve now learnt that pimp means to make something look nicer – as in “I’m going to pimp up my mantelpiece when I get home”.


Tyler’s very excited about being able to modernise his Dad’s van and I asked him if he had any ideas on what to do with it. He got his laptop out and started telling me about dekotora. Now, dekotora is a Japanese art form in which people customise their own vans and lorries in some truly outrageous fashions. Tyler showed me this dekotora website with some modern-looking vans on it, and said that he wants to turn his Dad’s old Ford E-Series van into something resembling them. I reckon he should give it back to Graham once he’s modernised it. I can just imagine him pulling into the cafe car-park in his new pimped-up Japanese van – my that would be a very colourful courier indeed!


I’ll let you know how it goes!


Gertie xx