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Driving Habits That Damage Your Van

Posted by on 20-Feb-2019 10:16:19

No matter how well we drive and how careful we think we are, there’s not a professional driver alive who doesn’t occasionally fall prey to lapsing into bad habits every now and again. It doesn’t mean we don’t know the correct way to do things, it just means that because we’re out there on the road for most of the hours of our working life, we might just need a gentle reminder to keep us on the straight and narrow.

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2018: A Good Year for Courier Exchange

Posted by on 12-Feb-2019 09:04:48

The first quarter of a new year is always a time to reflect on the challenges and achievements of the previous twelve months. It’s not just about giving yourself a pat on the back, though, it’s also a way of checking that you’re on track towards new goals and bigger and better challenges.

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Grow Your Stake in the German Market

Posted by on 24-Jan-2019 09:52:10

There aren't many people in the UK who aren't heartily sick of the word Brexit. But the truth of the matter is that as delivery industry workers we have to keep paying attention, because so much of what will (or potentially will) happen will affect us somewhere along the line.

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Get Your Drivers to Manage Their Time Better

Posted by on 16-Jan-2019 13:36:24

The key to being a good manager is to empower your employees to manage themselves. While that may seem to be at odds with the old school style of management, the benefits of giving your workers more scope to self-manage can greatly improve the efficiency of any operation.

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New Year, New Business Opportunities for Couriers

Posted by on 09-Jan-2019 14:14:05

Those of us who earn a living from self employed courier jobs need, by definition of the term, to be all things to all people – at least within the context of our own business. One of the most vital components of succeeding in the crowded delivery space is consistency. Consistency of service, of course. But consistency of work, most definitely.

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Getting More from Highways England

Posted by on 21-Dec-2018 09:28:30

In a recent survey, Transport Focus asked delivery drivers what Highways England could do to make their courier work more efficient and profitable. Let’s take a look at what they said.

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A Brighter Future: Zero Emissions and Zero Accidents by 2050

Posted by on 06-Dec-2018 09:47:48

With thousands of courier loads crisscrossing the country every day, many see the industry as a big environmental problem. However, as the FTA have shown, we are also the solution.

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New Gritters Delivered to Help Keep the Roads Moving

Posted by on 05-Dec-2018 09:25:11

Has Christmas come early? Absolutely - if you’re a courier driver who wants to keep business running safely and smoothly through the winter months. A multi-million-pound fleet of gritters will soon be working their magic to help make that happen.

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