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The Animals Used in the Past for Courier Work

Posted by on 11-Sep-2018 10:27:12


Though today we rely on our vans and trucks to deliver goods across the country, not so long ago our friends in the animal world played a much larger role in courier work.

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The History of Parcel Delivery in the UK

Posted by on 30-Aug-2018 16:01:09

From the early days of private stagecoach couriers to the numerous and complex courier systems of today - the history of the courier service in the UK is long and interesting, starting as far back as the 1500s.

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The Importance of Mapping Data to Achieve First-Time Delivery

Posted by on 23-Aug-2018 10:23:50

Did you know that the last mile of a delivery route represents 50% of the total delivery cost of a parcel? Essentially, unless your drivers deliver a package on the first attempt, your profit margins will be minimal. Don’t lose out, use delivery software to achieve a high first-time delivery rate.

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A Checklist for Passing Your Van MOT First Time

Posted by on 31-Jul-2018 11:32:56

According to the well-worn proverb, prevention is always better than a cure. And when it comes to the dreaded MOT, never were those words of wisdom so pertinent. A fail can mean huge problems if your vehicle has to come off the road for an extended period of time, but with a little bit of TLC, getting your MOT can be AOK.

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Spotting Signs of Dehydration when Driving

Posted by on 26-Jul-2018 11:35:03

Dehydration? You? Never! If you feel thirsty while you’re out on a courier job you’ll just have a quick swig of the old Cola or H2O, right? Well, it might surprise you to know that by the time your mind (or your mouth) tells you it’s time to wet the whistle, your body could actually already be dangerously dehydrated without you even knowing.

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Good News for the Transport Industry: MPs Back Third Runway at Heathrow

Posted by on 13-Jul-2018 11:44:08

The MPs’ vote to go ahead with third Heathrow runway is a rare piece of good news for the haulage industry. More cargo coming in means more jobs, and everyone will be able to get a slice of the action.

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A day in the life of Lee Gueller…

Posted by on 12-Jun-2018 13:46:34

 James Gordon spoke to Lee Gueller to find out how a freight exchange platform changed his life forever…

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