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The Animals Used in the Past for Courier Work

Posted by on 11-Sep-2018 10:27:12


Though today we rely on our vans and trucks to deliver goods across the country, not so long ago our friends in the animal world played a much larger role in courier work.

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Which Green Suits Me Best? Part 5: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Posted by on 03-Sep-2018 15:44:24

Although the list of alternative fuels to choose from may seem long and a bit complicated, Liquefied Petroleum Gas might save the day with its beautifully simple viability for most van drivers or fleet couriers.

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Which Green Suits Me Best? Part 3: Biodiesel

Posted by on 25-Jul-2018 09:34:52

With biodiesel’s popularity on the rise, it’s time for those in the logistics industry to decide whether or not it’s a plausible alternative for them, or if they’re going to remain faithful to the fossil diesel that’s been their bread and butter all these years.

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Good News for the Transport Industry: MPs Back Third Runway at Heathrow

Posted by on 13-Jul-2018 11:44:08

The MPs’ vote to go ahead with third Heathrow runway is a rare piece of good news for the haulage industry. More cargo coming in means more jobs, and everyone will be able to get a slice of the action.

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Deliveries Without Borders: Online Shopping’s Increasing Popularity

Posted by on 13-Jul-2018 11:33:33

The UK has a new weekly ritual – and no, it’s not going to church every Sunday with Nan. Consumers are heavily increasing their online shopping quota, with over a quarter making at least one purchase a week.

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Back to the Future: Cutting Edge Technology or Science Fiction?

Posted by on 12-Jul-2018 10:20:18

Some of the most high-tech inventions of our time seem like they could almost have come straight out of a science fiction film...I mean, autonomous vehicles? Delivery robots? It all seems so unreal, but it’s 100% true. Sometimes reality truly IS stranger than fiction.

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