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“The Exchange has given me the freedom to earn a good living… on my terms”

Posted by James Gordon, Editor on 31-May-2018 11:44:44

Often it’s the small steps that we take that are the key to realising big ambitions. But if you don’t believe me, then just ask Andrew Hough, an Aberdeen-based owner operator, who joined Courier Exchange in August last year.

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How freight exchange platforms can enhance a courier’s last mile delivery potential

Posted by James Gordon, Editor on 24-May-2018 10:04:09

With marathon season in full swing, anyone who has ever completed one will tell you that it is the last three miles - and not the first twenty-three - that really count. For Courier Exchange members on four wheels, who traverse one of the largest cities each day, it is the final mile of their journey that is often the most crucial.  

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