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Music To Do Courier Work By – Readers' Answers

Posted by Gertie on 20-Feb-2016 11:53:13

Music Let's play some Music! by Afla is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hello, darlings!

Well, here we are – the last week of February and we have succeeded on our mission of making the month relatively fun! Well, the last two weeks of it, anyway. And to cap it off, we have everybody's favourite type of post: the reader interaction answers!

And this one is even more exciting than usual – at least for me. Why? Because I got to know a side of my readers I might never have done otherwise – namely, the type of music they listen to.

As you'll remember, last week (unless you weren't reading, in which case you're very naughty) I asked everybody to let me know what their musical style of choice was when carrying out courier work. I expected the answers to be varied – I know how eclectic my readership can be – and you lot did not disappoint. So, without further ado, let's get right to some cherry-picked answers.

'To get me in the mood for my courier work, I always go for some adrenaline-pumping classic rock. You can't beat a bit of Judas Priest or AC/DC when you're speeding around in your delivery van! Just be careful not to get in trouble for playing your music too loud – I have, quite a few times!' - Dan, Oxfordshire

Tut, tut, Danny dear...

'Unlike a lot of people – who turn into Mad Max the minute they get behind the wheel – I find driving really relaxes me. So, to help me stay in the mood, I always play cool jazz when I'm out doing courier work - I favour Stan Getz and Duke Ellington. Call me old and square, or whatever else you want, but I don't go for that loud racket the young people choose to listen to!' - Andy, Warwickshire

Same here, Andy love – don't worry, you are not alone!

'African percussion. No, I'm not kidding! Have you ever tried making your way around town, or two towns or the length of the country even, with the amazing sounds of tribal drums to keep you company? If not, you should – it's a kick and a half. Very energizing!'

Bit of an odd choice, but different strokes I suppose...

And on that we end our time together for the month of February. Thanks for being here, as always (even for the boring bits) and see you in March!

Until then, ta-ra!